Thursday, April 18, 2013


Dreamcatcher..Dreamcatcher.. Yup I fall in love with dreamcatcher. I have a dreamcatcher necklace which a gift from my friend who just returned from Jogjakarta. I really like this beautiful handcraft because I think that's really unique.

 Dreamcatcher necklace which a gift from my friend

So, I wear dark brown sleeveless top and also pants with cream tone to combine with my dreamcatcher necklace. I choose cream for the color pants because its matching with my dreamcatcher necklace. They have a similar color.

To make it not boring, sometimes I just put on the black jacket to cover up my arm. So simple but still look chic. Are you agree with me? kkk~

 Here they are! -What I wore-

  The sleeveless top

 The creamy pants

The black jacket 

 My lovely dreamcatcher necklace

For the shoes, I pick my cutie brown wedges. I feel so cozy with this wedges, so I usually wear this wedges to go out :)

 Enjoy your day!~

Thousand Kiss



  1. wahhhhh keren dream catchernyaaa...sukaaa...:))
    aku juga punya beberapa kalung seperti ituu:))
    jangan lupa main2 ke blog aku ya kalau punya waktu luang, dan aku tunggu loh followbacknya, aku sdh follow blog kamu yaaa:))
    salam kenal:))

    1. thanks for your comment :) hihihi wah sepertinya aku sdh followback kak ozi kok hehe. Salam kenal juga kak :)

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment dear :)

    Beautiful pictures, the shoes are so chic!

    1. Yeayy thanks for your comment :)
      I'm already following you. Mind to following back me? Thanks before^^

  3. I really like your shoes. They are so great. Would you like to follow each other? :)


    1. thanks for your lovely comment dear :) yes of course!, I'm already following you :)

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  5. Nice! Cute photos you got there girl :))

    Let's follow each other? what do you think? :)
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