Thursday, April 18, 2013


Dreamcatcher..Dreamcatcher.. Yup I fall in love with dreamcatcher. I have a dreamcatcher necklace which a gift from my friend who just returned from Jogjakarta. I really like this beautiful handcraft because I think that's really unique.

 Dreamcatcher necklace which a gift from my friend

So, I wear dark brown sleeveless top and also pants with cream tone to combine with my dreamcatcher necklace. I choose cream for the color pants because its matching with my dreamcatcher necklace. They have a similar color.

To make it not boring, sometimes I just put on the black jacket to cover up my arm. So simple but still look chic. Are you agree with me? kkk~

 Here they are! -What I wore-

  The sleeveless top

 The creamy pants

The black jacket 

 My lovely dreamcatcher necklace

For the shoes, I pick my cutie brown wedges. I feel so cozy with this wedges, so I usually wear this wedges to go out :)

 Enjoy your day!~

Thousand Kiss


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Shine Bright After The Rain

Whoaa~ Hello guys, long time no post in this blog hehe. How was your day? Hope you all had an amazing day. Hmm now in my country the weather isn't good enough. Sometimes it really hot but suddenly the raindrops fall down. 

The sky are so clear and bright. Love it! 

But now after the rain, the sky are so bright. Yup shine bright like a diamond hehe. I really love that beautiful scenery. Look into the clouds, and it's so beautiful.

The lovely red suit I choose to made my day. The skirt is my mom's skirt when she at the 17th years old. Yup, that's an old skirt but the conditions are still looks very nice. "It's a gorgeous skirt"- My Mom said. Yaaa, I really agree with my mom because the skirt still have a bright colour although it's a old skirt. And I really like with the flower pattern. Ahh look very pretty and full of calmness.

For the top, I wear my sexy-red shirt haha. The material of shirt is made of rayon spandex. 
It's so comfortable when it used for summer outfit because it's soft, cool, absorbs sweat and is more flexible in the body because it is quite easy to expand.

The last for shoes, I wear red flat shoes with adorable pattern.

 The wind blowing softly


Thousand Kiss


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Polka Dot Attack

Polka Dot Attack

Dots dress

Equipment top
$235 -

Topshop shorts

Circle skirt
$23 -

High heels wedge

Kitsch couture
$46 -

Platform shoes
$23 -


MCM rucksack bag

Lacoste handbag

The row

Norma kamali eyewear

Round sunglasses

Paper hat
$54 -

Friis Company pom knit hat
$32 -

$18 -

Perfectly with Soft Pink

Perfectly with Soft Pink

A Wear lace shirt
$12 -

Modström cropped blazer
$71 -


Peep toe shoes

Tokyo Jane magnetic jewelry
$49 -

Lori s Shoes resin ring